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fathletes's Journal

Fathletes: Creating Space for Fat AND Fit
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Okay. So you're fat and you work out on a regular basis, play sports, or are otherwise active. You know that people of all shapes and sizes are prone to doing the above activities, and are probably tired of people assuming otherwise about you because you're fat. Well, we are too, and that's one of the reasons why we're here.

Our approach:
*fat acceptance/liberation

*HAES (Health at Every Size) with the tenets as described by Pearlsong Press, a publisher dedicated to the celebration of size diversity, amongst many other things:
1. Accepting and respecting the diversity of body shapes and sizes.
2. Recognizing that health and well-being are multi-dimensional and that they include physical, social, spiritual, occupational, emotional, and intellectual aspects.
3. Promoting all aspects of health and well-being for people of all sizes.
4. Promoting eating in a manner which balances individual nutritional needs, hunger, satiety, appetite, and pleasure.
5. Promoting individually appropriate, enjoyable, life-enhancing physical activity, rather than exercise that is focused on a goal of weight loss.

*discussing the particularities of being a fat athlete

Standards for discussion are as follows:
RESPECT. It is good to remember that we're all from different places, and at different places in our own lives - and thus we have different points of view. Dissent and disagreement is normal and necessary; what is important is that we treat each other in respectful ways in our disagreement.

Membership in this community is open and unmoderated. However, a lack of respect for community members WILL get you banned from fathletes. Also, it is the member's choice whether to make a post Public (anyone online can see it) or Friends-Only (only community members can see it), keeping in mind comfort/vulnerability levels.

Posts need to be on-topic - i.e. related to fat athleticism in some way. Off-topic posts will be deleted by a moderator.

fathletes strives to balance freedom of expression with creating safe space for all our members. Fathletes come in many ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. The person reading your post may be very different from you in some ways. What matters most is that we are all here to talk about anything related to being fat and athletic, and to do so in ways that promote justice and the dignity of all people.

Food/Nutrition/Weight Loss Talk Policy
For many of us in this community, issues surrounding food-talk are especially sensitive and can be problematic. As fat people, we have often found ourselves bullied more than average about food issues - what to eat or not to eat, when, and how much. Then again, food is also the fuel for our endeavors as fathletes. It nourishes our whole being and sustains us in our vitality.

With these things in mind, we want to be open to new paradigms of food discussion that don't revolve around traditional diet and weight-loss plans, and also open to the valid questions, concerns, and ideas that our members have surrounding food. To balance the need for these essential discussions with the sensitivity that some of us have toward any food-related discussion, entries about food/nutrition need to be behind a LJ-cut, clearly labeled in the title as food/nutrition, with the LJ-cut allowing for a short description of what the post more specifically refers to.

Additionally, all weight-loss talk needs to be behind a LJ-cut. One of the reasons this community exists is to create a space - one of the few on the planet - in which fat people of all athletic abilities and interests can come together and discuss their athletic endeavors without the burden of the weight loss and other diet talk that so often and unfortunately occupies health and fitness discussions. There are plenty of other LJ communities in which one may go to discuss weight loss as it relates to athletic endeavors; this community is not one of them. Most of us in this community have been traumatized for a long time about weight loss, and we have come here for reprieve, solace, and solidarity.

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Other relevant communities or links? Please feel free to let us know about 'em.