February 3rd, 2014

  • mschaos

weekly training thread!

Hey all, it is monday and that means time to check in on what you have been doing with your bad selves when it comes to workouts

last week wasn't as busy workout wise as previous weeks, but that is OK. I still got 5 solid days. 4 of which were hamstering and weights, tho to be honest, thursday and friday I was having a hard time of it when it came to weights. saturday I weeded another 10 gallons of weeds (oxalis, I HATE you) and dug up 12 rose bushes - some where pretty established. and yesterday it rained (hooray rain! we are in a drought right now in CA and it is scary times ahead) so I did basically nothing and I am ok with that

not much energy this week and it is only monday (dealing with some pet issues as my kitty is old and doing not so good so there is that stress) but I aim to make it to the gym 5 days this week. we will see what happens

how about you all? tell me what have you been up to?