Welcome to the most boring LJ on the net! (thsfuhqinsux) wrote in fathletes,
Welcome to the most boring LJ on the net!


First I want to say thank you for the welcome and encouragement. It means a lot and is good motivation.

More after the cut

I managed to ride a total of 70.29 miles last week, which surprised me, but it's a pleasant surprise.

And I got a head and tail light for my bike so I could start riding earlier before the sun came up. It's made a difference, because I have been able to ride longer. I have ridden 15 miles this morning and yesterday morning! I'm a little tired the rest of the day but I think that won't last long. My goal is still 40 miles per week but if I am feeling good I plan to ride for as long as I can, but limit myself to 15 miles per day, 5 days a week.
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