Wicked Bitch of the West (sirriamnis) wrote in fathletes,
Wicked Bitch of the West

Worked out again last night.

I am on a roll. I may actually fit 3 whole workouts into this week.

1 set/13 bicep curls - 15 lbs
1 set/15 tricep pushdowns - 15 lbs
1 set/15 forward shoulder rolls 25 lbs
1 set/15 backward shoulder rolls 25 lbs
1 set/15 side dips 25 lbs
1 set/9 overhead military press with dumbells 25 lbs
1 set/15 tricep kickbacks 12 lbs
1 set/12 lateral raises 12 lbs
1 set/15 forward, backward, side standing leg lifts
13 back extensions
1 set/15 reverse leg lifts
1 set/9 airplanes
1 set/15 neck exercises (side to side, and front to back, while laying on the ground, shoulders lifted. If anyone knows what to call these, let me know)

And stretching.

I missed working out. Now I just need to haul the treadmill out and do that. Granted, I do have a half mile walk from my bus stop home every night. But still, I could use more cardio. I hate doing it, so it's always a chore.
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