Wicked Bitch of the West (sirriamnis) wrote in fathletes,
Wicked Bitch of the West

Not as regular as I'd like, but...

I did work out last night.

1 set/12 of bicep curls - 15 lbs
1 set/15 tricep press - 15 lbs
1 set/12 lat raises 12 lbs
1 set/15 tricep kickbacks 12 lbs
1 set/15 forward shrugs 25 lbs
1 set/15 backward shrugs 25 lbs
1 set/15 side dips 25 lbs
Back extensions - 11
1 set/15 - inner leg lifts (reverse leg lifts)
1 set/15 each of standing leg lifts, forward, back and to the side

I think that's it.
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