Wicked Bitch of the West (sirriamnis) wrote in fathletes,
Wicked Bitch of the West

Been able to start working out again.

I had gall bladder surgery in November, and I'm finally able to lift things.

1 set (15) forward shrugs - 25 lbs
1 set (15) backward shrugs - 25 lbs
1 set (12) Lat raises - 15 lbs
1 set (15) Bicep curls - 15 lbs
1 set (15) Tricep kickbacks - 15 lbs
1 set (15) reverse leg lifts (inner thigh)
1 set each (10) front, side, and back standing leg lifts
1 set each side to side, front to back neck exercises (I'm not really sure what to call these)
1 set (12) airplanes (Supermans, whatever)

And stretching. My warm up was my 1/2 mile walk from the bus stop to get home from work.

I'm just glad to be able to do stuff again. I'm pretty sure my gall bladder had been messing with me for awhile before the attack, because I feel better than I had in months.
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