SarahMichigan (sarahmichigan) wrote in fathletes,

My update - and your workout/training thread

I haven't seen a Monday training thread update thread in a while, so I'll go first, and feel free to report your challenges and progress in the comments.

I finally made my goal of 20 regulation (on the toes) push ups in a row. I'd done the 100 push up program in order to do 100 knee-bent push ups in a row, and then did a transitional phase doing push ups on a low stair to get in the correct form for regulation push ups. It's taken me a while to get to 20 in a row, but I pulled it off today. I found that not only is my upper body much stronger than before I did the challenge, but it's been great for tightening up my core.

My main plan after this is to have more varied workouts but to be strong enough to incorporate full push ups into the mix on a regular basis.

What have you accomplished? What are your challenges? What are your goals for the coming week?
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