Miška (mschaos) wrote in fathletes,

weekly training thread!

hey all. I know this is late and I am sorry for that, but yesterday was busy so...

anyway - time to check in. where are you with your workouts. what was good? what was bad? what are you looking to do this week?

one thing that has been a pain, literally, has been plantar fasciitis and it has been brutal lately. I had a standing desk that I actually really liked using but my feet, even with inserts, specific shoes, a proper standing mat and stretches, I was in severe pain.

also have a pain in the neck, which is at the base of the skull, which is probably due to stress. trying to work on that but right now my range of motion is lacking.

what I have been doing is more of the DDP yoga as well as hamster wheel workouts. there has also been time in the yard pulling weeds and I went dancing on Friday which was awesome. I would love to go dancing every day but I just can't do the late nights any more.

this week will be more of the same. I want to lift, but not sure what my neck is going to do so I am going to lay off for the time being

so what about you?
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