Miška (mschaos) wrote in fathletes,

weekly training thread!

hello all. it is monday and that means it is time to check in and see how we are all doing in our workouts. where are we kicking ass? where are we getting our asses kicked?

I was active pretty much every day last week with Saturday being a light day. M-F I was at the gym with a combination of cardio and weights each day. Saturday I did some weeding (fun! </ sarcasm>) and yesterday I did about 15 miles on the bike and was going to do more weeding but instead I hauled about 250 bricks from one part of my yard to another. and I am feeling it in my low back today but thankfully not too bad

my ankle is still giving me issues as is my knee on the same leg so I think I need to see a chiropractor. still trying to find a decent one

what about you all?
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