Miška (mschaos) wrote in fathletes,

weekly training thread!

Hi all! it is Monday and that means it is time to check in and see how you are all doing. where did you kick butt? where was your tush handed to you? what are you looking to do this week?

last week was the first week in long time where I was getting back into the swing of things. I lifted 3 times, was on the hamster wheel 4 times and I got a nice 17 mile bike ride. plus I am making a point to stretch after each workout (tho I didn't after the bike ride and I really felt it)

this week is more of the same. tho I have some kickboxing classes I want to check out with a groupon deal that I need to get off my ass and do.

how about you all? I know it is crazy cold in a lot of the US so I hope that people are staying warm
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