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Weekly training thread - how did you do?

Hey everyone! it is Monday and it is time to check in on how everyone is doing. Where did you kick ass? what is kicking your ass? what do you want to accomplish this week?

last week was really hard for - I was still recovering from my calf injury and while I had all these grand goals of still working out the upper body - it failed tremendously as I learned (again) that it can take a LOT of energy to heal. as someone who was averaging 6-9 miles of walking a day (this includes hamster wheel workouts as well as just walking out and about) the fact that I was in tears with exhaustion after barely eeking out 4 miles...

so I laid low and did the PT exercises I was given and I could walk a bit with out pain so it was all good until Saturday when my hip started to complain loudly and I decided to check out a gym that had a groupon deal that I got and figured now was as a good a time as any to start using it.

so I did 35 minutes at a medium speed and intensity on the hamster wheel. Lifted using the machines (didn't want my form to go bad due to the bad leg) and then swam for 30 minutes - it was glorious - I forgot just how much I love swimming.

this week I want to swim a couple more times (I did this morning) and get back to lifting a bit as well. I like the gym well enough, but not for the price (for that sort of money it should be better maintained IMHO) but I will use the heck out of the deal I go

so how about you folks?
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