15.04 miles

That's 30 this week according to Map My Ride. Two days in and I am only 10 miles away from the low end of my goal. If it rains half the week, it will still bug me but at least I will have met the goal I set for myself.

This morning I was thinking I will be happy when the weather finally gets cooler, which led me to womdering if I will be able to continue to ride when it starts to get cold. We don't usually get a lot of ice and snow, but we can get temps in the 30s for a few weeks at a time, and that might pose a problem for my asthma. I might need to consider an alternative form of exercise for the colder days, but I'll just worry about that when I come to it.

New here, intro post

Hi. I'm new and thought I'd introduce myself.

Less attractive stuff out of the way first: I'm 43, 5 feet tall, 223 pounds as of my last doctor's visit. I have asthma, poor kidney function, migraines and a host of other autoimmune health problems. I have tried exercizing with weightloss as the goal and gotten very frustrated in the past. So now, my goal is just to improve my health and endurance, focus on the things I can actually see and feel happening.

I wore out a treadmill, two Wii Fit boards and my knees over the course of about two years and only lost maybe 15 pounds at most. I used to walk in my neighborhood after my treadmill died, but I live in the south, and my winning combo of asthma and kidney trouble meant that I overheat way too easily. So i got a bike about a month ago and started riding early in the mornings. I find it easier to keep from overheating because of the air movement and pedaling seems to be lower impact on my knees. My tailbone is still trying to get used to it, but other than that, I can already feel an improvement. I started out huffing and puffing and barely making it two miles in the lowest gear. Now I am able to go 15 miles in 5th and 6th gear, I have more energy, I sleep better, my asthma has improved a whole lot and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with biking, but my kidneys rarely hurt any more. I was living with daily pain and sometimes weekly kidney stones. Maybe sweating out the salt is giving my kidneys a break.

I do tend to over do it though. I have had to get a shot for my lower back pain/Bike Butt. When I start to go, I tend to get an endorphine rush that masks all symptoms that I am over doing it till it's too late. So far I haven't had to call my husband to come get me. I have been looking for a heart rate monitor that is affordable, but good, one that I don't have to take my hand off the handlebars to check. If anyone can suggest one, I'd appreciate it. Preferably not too expensive. I need to keep it under maybe $75 if I could.
Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Worked out again last night.

I am on a roll. I may actually fit 3 whole workouts into this week.

1 set/13 bicep curls - 15 lbs
1 set/15 tricep pushdowns - 15 lbs
1 set/15 forward shoulder rolls 25 lbs
1 set/15 backward shoulder rolls 25 lbs
1 set/15 side dips 25 lbs
1 set/9 overhead military press with dumbells 25 lbs
1 set/15 tricep kickbacks 12 lbs
1 set/12 lateral raises 12 lbs
1 set/15 forward, backward, side standing leg lifts
13 back extensions
1 set/15 reverse leg lifts
1 set/9 airplanes
1 set/15 neck exercises (side to side, and front to back, while laying on the ground, shoulders lifted. If anyone knows what to call these, let me know)

And stretching.

I missed working out. Now I just need to haul the treadmill out and do that. Granted, I do have a half mile walk from my bus stop home every night. But still, I could use more cardio. I hate doing it, so it's always a chore.
Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Not as regular as I'd like, but...

I did work out last night.

1 set/12 of bicep curls - 15 lbs
1 set/15 tricep press - 15 lbs
1 set/12 lat raises 12 lbs
1 set/15 tricep kickbacks 12 lbs
1 set/15 forward shrugs 25 lbs
1 set/15 backward shrugs 25 lbs
1 set/15 side dips 25 lbs
Back extensions - 11
1 set/15 - inner leg lifts (reverse leg lifts)
1 set/15 each of standing leg lifts, forward, back and to the side

I think that's it.
Stolen from Qweerdo Hyperbole and a Half

Been able to start working out again.

I had gall bladder surgery in November, and I'm finally able to lift things.

1 set (15) forward shrugs - 25 lbs
1 set (15) backward shrugs - 25 lbs
1 set (12) Lat raises - 15 lbs
1 set (15) Bicep curls - 15 lbs
1 set (15) Tricep kickbacks - 15 lbs
1 set (15) reverse leg lifts (inner thigh)
1 set each (10) front, side, and back standing leg lifts
1 set each side to side, front to back neck exercises (I'm not really sure what to call these)
1 set (12) airplanes (Supermans, whatever)

And stretching. My warm up was my 1/2 mile walk from the bus stop to get home from work.

I'm just glad to be able to do stuff again. I'm pretty sure my gall bladder had been messing with me for awhile before the attack, because I feel better than I had in months.
New York

NYC cardio?

Hi all,

A new member here, and I'm hoping one of you can help point me to fat-friendly/HAES exercise classes or personal trainers in or near NYC? I've found a lot of yoga, but no cardio, which is what I'm really looking for, or strength training.

Many thanks in advance!

My update - and your workout/training thread

I haven't seen a Monday training thread update thread in a while, so I'll go first, and feel free to report your challenges and progress in the comments.

I finally made my goal of 20 regulation (on the toes) push ups in a row. I'd done the 100 push up program in order to do 100 knee-bent push ups in a row, and then did a transitional phase doing push ups on a low stair to get in the correct form for regulation push ups. It's taken me a while to get to 20 in a row, but I pulled it off today. I found that not only is my upper body much stronger than before I did the challenge, but it's been great for tightening up my core.

My main plan after this is to have more varied workouts but to be strong enough to incorporate full push ups into the mix on a regular basis.

What have you accomplished? What are your challenges? What are your goals for the coming week?

weekly training thread!

Hi all

it has been a couple weeks so I figure it was time to check in and see how you are all doing. what are your challenges? what are your successes?

for me I did not do much of anything last week other than a walk on Monday and a spin class yesterday (plus some yard word) and I am not going to beat myself up about it as I was very active the week before and on Tuesday I had to put down my cat who I had for 18+ years. that plus life in general had me not able to go to the gym.

I am going to be back at it this week, but other stresses are happening (we are getting ready to remodel the kitchen and I just found out that my office has to move in 30 days and we don't have a place to go yet.

so, whee?

how about you all?