Miška (mschaos) wrote in fathletes,

Weekly training thread - how did you do?

hey all - it is Monday and that means that it is time to check in and see how you all did. where did you kick ass? what kicked your ass? what do you want to do this week?

I managed to get to the pool and swim 3 times last week as well as the elliptical 2 times. I didn't lift weights but I did do some body weight exercises and calisthenics (100 jumping jacks is harder than it sounds actually)

this week I plan to swim at least 4 times as well as more body weight exercises, the elliptical and walking.

I got reminded how my body can get VERY cranky when it doesn't get exercised at least every other day. an old injury started to complain a lot on Sunday and thankfully swimming and some stretching helped that quite a bit.

how about you all???
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